Monday, July 19, 2010


1. Jesus redefines the meaning of true discipleship and kinship. For him his disciples are those by their words and actions do the will of the Father.

2. Whatever hinders faith must be forsaken, even if it is one’s own family. Although religious commitment may well weaken family ties, the disciple will not thereby be left alone, without a family. Christians will join the household of faith the Church in which there is a Father (God) and in which there are brothers and sisters to love him/her.

3. We should not mean to imply that Jesus paid no attention to family ties, we may be sure that Jesus was devoted to his home and held his kindred and friends in dear regard. His simple message is that the spiritual bond between disciples and the kingdom of God is paramount over even blood bonds.

4. Friendship is founded on a common experience, and on the memories which come from it. When two people passed through some great experience and when they can together look back on it the real friendship begins. Friendship is founded on a common ideal. People different in background, mental capacity and even their methods can be fine friends.

5. This passage is rather controversial as to what exactly the word brothers of Jesus mean? From the fourth century onwards both in Eastern and Western traditions it was believed to be the cousins of Jesus. Did Mother Mary misunderstand Jesus? Certainly she would have found it difficult to understood Jesus but she was always with Him giving him the necessary support, care and concern.

Instead of thinking that Jesus’ own family rejected Him, we should understand that there is always a possibility that even our own can reject us. Usually good friends make bitter enemies so also familiarity breeds contempt. We are living in a situation where broken families are not uncommon. The agony of the children born in these families is immeasurable. Many suffer depression, stress, and loneliness thinking that there is no one for them. But we forget that there is Heavenly Father waiting with his arms wide open to embrace us and fill us with His love and mercy. How do we experience it? Is it in the life after? No! Here and now we can experience this great love if we are ready to spend little time with Him in prayer.

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