Wednesday, July 7, 2010


1. Jesus gives a principle to guide the disciples as they were sent for their ministry. ‘Give as freely as you have received’. The disciples received ‘Salvation and the Kingdom’ without the cost and now they have to give them to the others. This is practically realized in giving to others our time, love and possession.

2. Jesus’ travel plans are contrary to normal travel plans. It reveals the urgency of the task. He sends them two by two because He wants a full report of their ministry. The disciples were to leave at once, without extensive preparation.

3. The command to stay in one place is to ‘never offend the hosts by looking for a better lodging in a home that is more comfortable’. The worthy were those who would respond and believe the gospel message.

4. Those who would receive the disciples also would receive the Messiah. Those who cared for God’s emissaries would receive their blessing in return.

5. Jesus makes it clear that the listeners were responsible for what they did with the gospel. The disciples are not responsible when others reject Christ’s message of salvation, but they do have the responsibility to share the gospel clearly and faithfully.

Jesus commissions all of us for this great mission of spreading the message of salvation. By vocation to Priesthood and religious, some are specifically called only to do that and a lot of directives are given to them. Sometimes there is a tendency in ministers to get attached only to a family or two at the cost of neglecting others. In general the faithful of today always receive the disciples with reverence. God’s blessings are assured to all of them. Some disciples as they move from place to place keep increasing the number of travel bags in the name of the ministry. This gospel passage of today can be a great challenge for many of us.

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