Friday, July 16, 2010


1. Why did Jesus withdraw and charge the people not to make Him known?
• Jesus did not wish to provoke the religionists to a deliberate conflict putting Himself in premature peril.
• Jesus did not wish to be pushed forward by public acclaim to assume kingship.
• Jesus needed time to teach the people what true Messiahship meant.

2. Christ submitted Himself to do God’s will; therefore He was given a great work to do and He experienced the great trust and love of God.

3. Jesus Christ is God’s beloved Son. There are two precious thoughts here.
• Christ has been in the bosom of the Father throughout all eternity. God has always held Christ to be very dear and very precious to Him.
• Christ was filled with delight day after day, rejoicing always in God’s presence.

4. God puts His Sprit upon everyone whom He chooses. This means at least two things
• God gives spiritual gifts and power to every chosen vessel.
• God also bestow some of His image, some of his likeness upon every chosen person.

5. Christ loved and encouraged all human beings. He did not come to destroy but to heal the ‘bruised reed’, those who were hurt, battered, crushed, discouraged, depressed, down, and insecure and the inferior.

Jesus Christ never wanted publicity. His only purpose was to give glory to His Father. We are living in times when everyone wants to grab the attention of the others. Self Promotion and Self Campaigning are the order of today. Humility is no more considered as virtue rather it is considered as a liability to be eliminated. Christ’s message may apparently sound irrelevant, but as His followers we need to become humble like him. Humility will promote all of us to the status of beloved sons and daughters of the Lord.


The Preacher’s Outline and Sermon Bible

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