Wednesday, July 14, 2010


1 . It was an age of political revolution. The old stern morality which had made Rome was breaking up like rotten ice. Marriage became a mere temporary convenience. It was an age of social unrest. And the greater suicides at that time in the Roman Empire pointed to the despair which was creeping over soul after soul.

2 . The Lake District Galilee was rich in national product with fertile fields, good catch of fish and with a mine of wealth. But the wealth of Galilee went to feed the luxury of Rome. Hence the husbandmen and fishermen in worst sense labored and were heavy laden.

3 . Sin is the cause of all unrest, the poison which has fevered every life. Sin is the root of all weakness and weariness which rob life of its true quality. Christ offers rest to the weary and heavy laden – proposing to deal with the sin which has created their need.

4 . Rest is a gift; it is not earned. It is not the emolument of toil but the dowry of grace. The rest Christ gives is based on a perfect reconciliation to God. We enter into the truest rest when we believe that He takes part with us and that we can depend upon Him.

5 . Christ also lays a yoke upon us. Justin the Martyr taking the information from the now lost ‘Gospel according to the Hebrews’ tells us that Jesus was a carpenter at Nazareth. He knew what kind of yoke would be hard to wear and what would be easy. If Jesus is thoughtful in making a yoke for dumb animals, how much more will be considerate to human souls?

Today all of us need rest. Rest should not be understood as being lazy but being with our own selves. When we pass through the busy roads of cities we wonder why people rush so madly at a speed which is fatal. We are preoccupied with so many things and we have lost the purpose of our lives. Jesus is inviting us to rest a while with Him. Jesus is not freeing us from the yoke but makes it easier. The concrete way of resting would be to attend a retreat or at least to spend a few hours in silence. Shall we give it a try?

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