Friday, July 9, 2010


1. The disciple knows that their fate will be no different from that of their master and therefore should not fear those who mistreat and vilify them before a court of law.
2. 2. Beelzebub is an Israelite term of mockery for a Philistine God. It means literally “ Lord of the flies”
3. The price of sparrows used in sacrifices is intended to emphasize the insignificance of bird; while the numbering of one’s hair emphasizes how much the Father values and cares for his child.
4. There are several reasons why men are not to be feared.
• Men can kill only the body, not the soul. Their power is limited and they can go no further.
• Men can only send us out of this world, not out of heaven. “ To be with Christ is better by far”
• Men can only separate us from this world, not from life.
5. Fearing men causes several things
• It causes a person to become disturbed within heart and mind: loss of peace
• It causes a person to be sidetracked and to give up what he knows to be God’s will: the loss of mission and meaning and purpose
• It causes a person to lose his fervor and his sense of commitment.

Today’s gospel passage is clear and direct. Calvin said “These things are matters more for meditation than for explanation, for they are sufficiently clear in themselves” . We are not above our master and Lord Jesus Christ and therefore we should be ready to walk in his footsteps. Jesus promises not only persecution but also care and protection to the extent of knowing every hair of person’s head. We should be fortunate to be His disciples and should make every effort to keep our souls pure and holy.

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