Tuesday, July 20, 2010


1. The farmer or sower is either the Lord Jesus Christ or a servant of His. The seed is the Word of God or the Word of the kingdom. It is called the imperishable seed.

2. Way side path – gospel hardened to: In the day of Christ there were no fences to separate property line. Instead, long narrow foot paths were used for the traveling public. These paths were trodden down as hard as pavement by the constant use of the traveling public. These people hear the Word but they do not understand it. They are in the church regularly and the Word falls on them. They are there with closed heart and minds.

3. Stony Places – Rocky Places – Backsliding – False Profession: Some received the Word in rocky, stony places. In some parts of Palestine lying right beneath the ground is a layer of limestone. When seed falls upon this ground something dramatic happens. The limestone holds the rain and heat from the sunlight right under the surface, therefore the fallen seed sprouts and dramatically. But it has no root. The application is very clear this person has what appears to be a dramatic conversion. He changes very fast but the change lasts only for a season.

4. Thorns – Worldliness – Wealth: Some received the Word among thorns. The thorny ground is deceptive ground. It looks good and clean, appearing to be clear of weeds and thorns but it is not. Right under the surface of the soil is a chain of roots ready to spring up. The fact that the roots are already there means that the thorns will be stronger and grow faster than the good seed. These people do not truly repent; they just try to take God and add Him to their collection in life.

5. Only a small number allowed the Word to take permanent root. A person who allows Word to take permanent root represents the honest and good heart.
• This person hears the Word of God and understands it. His heart is soft and tender towards God so he listens, mediates, concentrates and thinks.
• He is fruitful. He bears the fruit of God’s Word and Spirit of his own life

It is understood from the parable that all the seeds were in good condition. The only problem was with the atmosphere, conditions and the situations in which the seeds grew. We have a natural inclination to be closer with God but due to peer pressure, family backgrounds, wrong ideologies which are the real rocks, thorns, hard grounds we tend to fall away from the Lord. Let us make a serious attempt to keep our hearts and minds open to the Lord and He will surely make us capable of yielding hundredfold.

The Preacher’s Outline and Sermon Bible
The Interpreter’s Bible

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