Friday, July 2, 2010


1. St. Thomas is to be criticized on two counts: for refusing to accept the word of the disciples and for not being in a position to accept the miraculous appearance of Jesus Christ.

2. The disciples kept on telling Thomas that they had seen the Lord. He kept away from the disciples wanting not to hear again about this notion on resurrection.

What was it that frustrated Thomas so much and caused him to sense such intense guilt and react the way he did?

· Thomas had forsaken the Lord, and that was enough to frustrate any man’s spirit.

· Thomas had also withdrawn from the disciples; consequently he was not present when the Lord first appeared.

3. Christianity always welcomed sincere research. Jesus did not scold or condemn his hesitation, he provided evidence. Only then he says ‘stop doubting start believing.’

4. It is Thomas who makes clear that one may address Jesus in the same language in which Israel addressed Yahweh “ My Lord and my God”

5. Thomas teaches great lesson for all of us

· To believe without having to see evidences and proof

· To believe because of tenderness and warmth of the Lord

· To believe because of love and care and because of the need and nature of human heart

· To believe because of the need for morality and godly character

Doubting in itself is not something bad since it brings in clarification but there are certain things which we need to believe without doubts. Quite many of us keep doubting on several things in our day to day life which brings in a lot of suspicion and rupture in our relationships. It is better to go in for clarification than to have doubts within. Learning to trust others is the greatest lesson we can learn. Just because some people whom we have trusted have let us down we should not stop trusting others. The source for this trust is Christ Himself in whom we should place all our faith, hope and trust.


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