Tuesday, July 27, 2010


A nobleman once gave a celebrated actress a Bible, telling her at the same time there was a treasure in it. She thinking he meant religion laid the Bible aside. She died and all she had was sold. The person who bought the Bible in turning over its leaves found a five hundred pound note in it. Had the actress read the book she might not only have found the note but the ‘pearl of great price’

From the Pulpit Commentary

1. What is hidden?
• The chief good here is the treasure. The allusion here may be a pot of money or a casket of jewels hidden in a field or probably a mine of precious ore.
• Christ unites in himself all qualities of excellence and values.
• He represents the kingdom’s wealth and glory.
• Treasure of pardons for the guilty
• In him we find the riches of purity for the believer.

2. Why is it hidden?
• To rouse our faculties and to quicken our diligence
• We value things according to the price we will pay/have paid.
• They are hidden to conceal them from the unworthy fro they will trample on it.

3. From whom are they hidden?
• From the wise and understanding namely in their own conceits.
• From the self-righteous (Pharisees)
• From the sensual – the treasure of gospel is spiritual
• From the worldly – they see only the surface of the field.

4. Where is it found?
• In this present world – the field is the world – once the treasure was hidden in Palestine. Today it has to be found wherever the merchantman/ woman with sufficient diligent may seek for it.
• In the word of God, in the ordinances of religions and in the believing hearts.

5. How is it to be found?
• Sometimes it is found without seeking – the gospel found the gentiles when they sought not for it. But it is our duty to seek.
• The purpose of seeking must be simple. “To the babes is revealed the wisdom hidden from the wise and understanding”

The wise people buy the field. What do they give? All that they have- What had they before meeting Christ? Nothing but sin – Then what did they sell? Simply sins and all their sins! Unless we sell our sins we will not inherit the treasure!

The Pulpit Commentary
Sacra Pagina Series
Life Application New Testament Commentary


  1. Sell our sins and inherit the treasure...!
    Nice one David...!

  2. Thanks dude for your words of encouragement! Please, keep reading!

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