Monday, June 28, 2010


1. Jesus has a short evaluation with his disciples. He wanted to know what people think about him. Some think that He is John the Baptist, Elijah, Jeremiah etc. By identifying Jesus with Elijah the prince among the prophets, the greatness of Jesus is revealed. He is considered as the forerunner of the Messiah.

2. Each Gospel has its own version of the saying of Peter

· You are the Messiah, the son of the living God (Mt)

· You are the Messiah (Mk)

· The Messiah of God (Lk)

Messiah in Hebrew, Christ in Greek means the same ‘the Anointed one’

3. Christ must be a personal discovery. Christianity always consists in knowing Jesus not merely knowing about Jesus.

4. Peter’s confession is the foundation of the church. There are a lot of debates on the meaning of this declarative statement. “You are Peter (petros) and on this rock (petra) I will build my church. No matter how a person interprets, this was a great piece of complement to St. Peter.

5. A note on Church: Church (ekklesia) means to call out a gathering, an assembly. It is God who calls together and gathers His church. His church is the body of people called out from the world by Him. They are His body of people sanctified or set apart by Him to form the church of the living God.

· The church is Christ’s not human beings’

· ‘I will build’ Christ builds the Church

· The gates of Hades will not overcome it, Christ Himself protects the Church.

Today we celebrate the feast of two pillars of the Church. Though there are marked differences between these two leaders of the Church, they have worked together to build the Church of God through their missionary zeal and love of Christ. Jesus asks each one of us personally the same question “who do you say I am?” Our answers will tell us how much we have really understood our Lord.

Who do men say that I am? Who is Jesus for me?

  • To the artist, he is the one altogether lovely (Song of songs, 5,15)
  • To the architecht, the chief corner stone (I Pet.2, 6)
  • To the astronomer, sun of righteousness (Malachy, 4,2)
  • To the banker, hidden treasure (Mt 13, 44)
  • To the builder, one foundation (Is.26,16)
  • To the carpenter, door (Jn. 10, 7)
  • To the doctor, great physician (Jer.8, 22)
  • To the educator, great teacher (Jn. 3, 2)
  • To the engineer, new and living way (Hb.10, 20)
  • To the farmer, sower and Lord of harvest (Lk, 10, 2)
  • To the florist, rose of Sharon (song of songs (2, 1)
  • To the geologist, rock of ages ( I Cor.10, 4)
  • To the horticulturist, (True Vine, Jn.15,1)
  • To the judge, only righteous judge of men (Tim.4,8)
  • To the juror, Faithful and true witness (Revel.3, 14)
  • To the jeweller, Pearl of great price (Mt.13, 46)
  • To the lawyer, counsellor, lawgiver, true advocate (Is.9, 6)
  • To the newspaper man, he is tidings of great joy (Lk,2,10)
  • To the oculist, light to the eyes (Prov.29, 13)
  • To the philanthropist, unspeakable gift (2 Cor,9.15)
  • To the philosopher, Wisdom of God (ICor.9, 24)
  • To the preacher, Word of God (Rev.19, 13)
  • To the sculptor, living stone (I Pt.2, 4)
  • To the servant, good master (Mt.23, 8-10)
  • To the statesman, desire of the Nations (Haggai, 2. 7)
  • To the student, Incarnate Truth (I Jn.5, 6)
  • To the theologian, author and finisher of faith (Hb, 12,2)
  • To the toiler, giver of rest (Mt.11, 28)
  • To the sinner, Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world (Jn.1, 29)

(From 101 more Hymn stories by Kenneth W. Osbeck)


William Barclay‘s Commentary

Preacher’s outline and Sermon Bible

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