Wednesday, June 23, 2010


1. The birth of a child is a significant event for every parent but the birth of John was a significant event for every generation. It is because his birth sealed God’s power, sealed God’s mercy and caused all to rejoice.

2. The name John means ‘Yahweh has shown favour’.

3. John being the child age of old-age naturally everyone thought they would name him Zechariah his father’s name. But both Elizabeth and Zechariah are adamant with the neighbours and kinsfolk that his name should be John. Note that the obedience of Zechariah removed the discipline of God for his sin. Since he obeyed what God had told him in naming the child the discipline of God was removed from his life.

4. News travelled fast. Evidence was clear. If God could show his hand so strongly in this birth what would He do when the child matured? What was God getting ready to do among them?

5. The birth of the Child John caused several important results
• The father was miraculously healed.
• The people were awe-stricken and word ‘awe’ (phobos in Greek) means reverence.
• The events were spread abroad (God’s movement should always be at the very centre of people’s conversation.
• The sense of destiny surrounded the child (a lot of expectation is going on in the minds of people and are waiting for the child to grow.
It is obvious that John’s birth was an important event in the unfolding of Salvation history and that is the reason he becomes the third person after our Blessed Lord and Blessed Mother to be celebrated in the Church on his birthday. God has a purpose for all our lives. It becomes our responsibility to discern God’s will and act accordingly. None of us are born by chance; we are born in this world by choice – by God’s choice. We can bring meaning to our birth only when we reveal God’s glory through our lives by making proper choices.

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New Interpreter’s Commentary

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