Thursday, June 17, 2010

Invest your treasures in Heaven

1. Jesus is warning against the consumerist and materialistic culture which tries to sell everything that exist in the world.

2. We easily fall for the treasures on earth for the simple reason, it is within our reach, we can see, touch and make it our own; this also brings in the risk of riches being snatched away by others.

3. All of us know that we are not going to carry anything with us after our death not surerly our mobile phones which have become an extension of almost every human being.

4. Heavenly treasures are like Spirit, Eternal life, Unconditional love etc. These can never be stolen away and they are in fact are lasting.

5. A special attention is given to the eye which is compared to the lamp that gives light. Our eyes get used to seeing violence, atrocities, vulgarity, immorality etc. If it is not guarded properly we will end up in living in double darkness.

Everyday we read in Newspapers about the stealing of money from ATMs, unstable stock exchanges, colossal hike of Jewells etc. We know that none of the above is permanent but still we want to gather them up. Very few people have their investment in heaven which demands a little bit of self-discipline, faith, hope and charity. Living a righteous life is actually not a difficult task but just demands consistency and perseverance in prayer. The best way to invest treasures in heaven is to live our life on earth with little more love and compassion. Once we become the potential clients of heaven we need not worry about security! Can we find a better place to live on earth than God’s merciful hands!


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