Sunday, June 20, 2010


Sam: What is that you are carrying?

Tom: I just managed to pull out the log that was in my eyes!

Sam: That’s great! Can you just do the same for me too?

Tom: I wish I could do but unfortunately from the moment I pulled out the log from my eyes I am not able to see even a dust in others, including yours!

  1. Christ says the criticizer will stand in the day of judgment, guilty of these following sins
  1. Inconsistency
  2. Self-righteousness
  3. Spiritual blindness
  4. Uncharitable or lack of love
  5. Hypocrisy

  1. There are several reasons why people tend to judge and criticize.
  1. Criticism boosts our self-image. It adds to our own pride, ego and self-image.
  2. There is a tendency in human nature to take pleasure in hearing and sharing bad news and short comings.
  3. We get a feeling that our own life is better than the person who failed.
  4. We rationalize our decisions and acts by pointing out the failures of others.
  5. It points our to our friends how strong we are.
  6. It is an outlet for hurt and revenge.

  1. There are several reasons why no person should criticize.
  1. We do not know the circumstances and the situations in which a person acts.
  2. All people whether religious, non-religious do commit sin.
  3. All there is to know about a person is never known. We do not know how a person grew up as a child which makes up one’s personality.
  4. Judging others usurps God’s authority.

  1. A thinking person knows that he/she is just as human and sinful as the next person.
  2. There are several passages that come down heavily on person who criticizes. (James 3:1-2, Mt 7:2, Lk 6:36-37)

None of us can claim to be non-judgmental in our day to day approach. Jesus is inviting each one to become aware of oneself. If only we take sometime to look at the mirror can we find the plank in our eyes. The mirror can be the prayer moments, friends, parents, spiritual guides etc. Once we are aware of our situation we will at least hesitate to find the speck in other’s eyes.


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