Monday, October 25, 2010


1. Some say the birds are those in the world who find their lodging in the kingdom – the kingdom (The Church) that had so small a beginning but is now growing into a world movement. Many in the world believers and non-believers alike have found help and safely under its branches. A great empire is said to be like birds who lodge under its shadow.

2. The mustard plant of Palestine was very different from the mustard plant which we know in our places. To be strictly accurate, the mustard seed is not the smallest seed of the cypress tree, for instance is still smaller; but in the Middle East it was proverbial for smallness. It grows to be great bush, a bush as large as a tree. Its characteristics were loftiness, expansion and prominence.

3. It is the fact of history that the greatest things must always begin with the smallest beginnings.

• An idea which may well change civilization begins with one person.

• A witness must begin with the single person.

• A reformation begins with one person.

4. This was one of the most personal parables Jesus ever spoke. His disciples must have been in despair. How would they believe that their little band could win and change the whole world? Yet with Jesus, an invincible force entered the world. It is an encouragement to us in our personal lives and in our ministry. No matter how small we may begin, we must continue on. If we continue, our lives and efforts will grow.

5. Parable of the Leaven or Yeast: The whole point of the parable lies in one thing – the transforming power of the leaven. Leaven changed the character of a whole baking. Unleavened bread is like a water biscuit, hard, dry, unappetizing and uninteresting; bread baked with leaven is soft and porous and spongy, tasty and good to eat.

The introduction of the leaven causes a transformation in the dough. The coming of the kingdom causes transformation in life. Let us make a positive impact on the people we meet. We are called to be like the mustard seed and the yeast. Our lives should positively influence people and bring hope in their lives. As the people belonging to the kingdom we should not consciously work on our popularity rather we should help other to become popular in the eyes of God.


The Preacher’s Outline and the Sermon Bible

William Barclay’s Commentary

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