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1 . The disciples came to him and asked him to give them such an increased measure of faith as would enable them to play better the difficult and responsible part he had assigned them. They evidently felt their weakness deeply, but a stronger faithwould supply them with new strength; they world then be guided to form a wiser and gentler judgment of others.

2 . The Lord signifies that a very slight real faith, which he compares to the mustard seed, that smallest of grains would be of power sufficient to accomplish what seemed to them impossible. In other words, he says, “If you have any real faith at all, you will be able to win the victory over yourself necessary for a perpetual loving judgment of others; ‘sycamine’ tree is not the sycamore tree but black mulberry.

3 . A small measure of real faith was sufficient to teach them that God would give them strength enough to keep themselves from committing this offence against love and charity of which he warned them so solemnly but they prayed for more.They are asking for faith which would exclude all uncertainty and doubt. They were looking for the crown of labour before their work was done, for the wreathe of the conqueror before they had fought the battle.

4 . Genuine faith is what is needed, not great faith. The stress is not quantity, not on how much faith a person has. It is not a matter of increasing faith; it is a matter of possessing and having faith. It is a matter of genuine faith. The very smallest amount of genuine faith, a faith as small as a mustard seed, can do the impossible. Nothing is impossible to him who has faith that is genuine, even if the faith is the smallest amount possible.

5 . The believer is to serve and obey the commandments of God until all the work is done. He is to feed the cattle and plough the fields, then in the evening he is to serve the household by feeding and waiting on the tables. Ploughing and feeding are tough work, requiring a sound and disciplined body and spirit. Those who serve the Lord should be like the servants available to Him round the clock.

God keeps revealing Himself to us in different ways and in a very definitive way He has reveled Himself through His only son Jesus Christ. The one and only way we ought to respond to His revelation is by our Faith. Faith is not just a blind belief but a belief that comes from our convictions. When we lose our faith, we lose the meaning of our life and finally lose everything. This Faith is not just our response but a response moved by grace. There is nothing wrong in asking God to increaseour faith but we should not ask for making difficult things easier but to leap in tot he darkness with certain certainty that God will hold us safe.

The Interpretation of Luke’s Gospel
The Pulpit Commentary
Preacher’s Outline and the Sermon Bible

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