Wednesday, October 27, 2010


1. Jesus needs people. He needs men, women, boys and girls who will carry His message of salvation to the world. This passage is a picture of how Jesus goes about choosing people to serve Him.
• He chose them after praying all night
• He chose them from among His disciples
• He chose them to be apostles
• He chose diverse personalities
• He chose them to minister with Him

2. Jesus called His disciples to Him; He called all those had attached themselves to Him. Out of these disciples Jesus chose twelve to serve as His apostles and to join Him in His great mission and ministry. They were to serve with Him in a very , very special way.

3. Jesus chose diverse personalities. There were at least three businessmen: Peter, James and John. One apostle was wealthy: Matthew, the tax collector. One was a political nationalist and an insurrectionist, Simon the Zealot. One was evidently deeply religious: Nathanael. Christ brought a group so diverse in nature under one banner.

4. Jesus knew that the end was coming. Had he lived in a later age he might have written a book which would have carried his teaching all over the world. But living when he did, Jesus chose these men that may be his living books.

5. The minister and teacher of God is to minister to the diseased and brokenhearted of his community and world. In the name and power of Jesus, he is to heal the sick and mend the brokenhearted.

The very first verse of the Gospel is very striking. Jesus spends the whole night in prayer before choosing His apostles. Before every important activity of His life, He spends long hours in prayer. We too spend a lot of time in prayer before accomplishing a huge task. We regularly see the number of students flocking to the Churches and Temples with their petitions before their exams; we also see those who go for job interviews spending time in prayer and likewise many important activities of ours are done only after praying. But to pray daily with certain amount of consistency and regularity calls for deeper conviction and discipline. We are indebted to spend at least a few minutes with the Lord everyday personally. It is not sufficient to run to Him when we are in need and when we are in anxiety, a greater faith is manifested when we run to Him even when do not feel His need.

The Preacher’s Outline and Sermon Bible
William Barclay The New Daily Study Bible

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