Tuesday, September 21, 2010


1. Heal the sick: It is probable that the early Christians custom alluded to by St. James of anointing the sick with oil arose from our Lord’s direction to these apostles on the occasion of this mission. The practice still continues in the Catholic Church as the sacrament of anointing of the sick. Anointing of the sick with oil was a favourite practice among the ancient Jews (Is 1: 6)

2. Dr. Farrar sums up the various directions of the master to these his first missionaries. The general spirit of the instruction merely is “Go for the in the simplest, humblest manner, with no hindrances to your movements, and in perfect faith; and this as history shows, has always been the method of the most successful missions.

3. Shaking off the dust: This was the symbol of hostility and war; but there was no further outward act to be undertaken. The war was spiritual and the judgment of the rejecters must be left with God.

4. The disciples were not to use miracle to make themselves independent of the hospitality of the people. Christ never used miracle to make life easier for himself; nor did he allow his delegates to do so.

5. Church in Homes: The method Christ chose for evangelizing was the method of home evangelism. Note this, for it should speak loudly and clearly to us. The disciple was to carefully investigate and search out a receptive family and home. He was to make that home the centre for ministry.

A note on this method
• It emphasizes the family, making it the very hub of ministry.
• It stresses stability and security. Nothing on earth is to be any more secure and stable than the family.
• It centers preaching and ministering in the community, right where people live and walk. It makes the presence of Christ visible in all in day-to-day living.
• It serves as the center from with the message can move out in an ever-widening circle, spreading from family to family.

We as disciples are given a lot of power and authority by Our Lord Jesus Christ in order to proclaim His good news in a convincing manner. Unfortunately we have not realized the God given potentials may be because of our own lack of faith. By virtue of ministerial priesthood, all the priests are given these powers, but often times many could not exercise these powers due to their unholy life and the faithless life. It will be a real surprise if God does not grant what the disciples ask in His name because God cannot refuse to grant the favours asked for by the people who have committed their whole life for His cause.

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