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The women supported a preaching ministry. Preaching was Jesus’ business; it was what He came to do His primary call and mission. Right after the banquet, he got up and went about His primary task, that of the preaching and proclaiming the gospel. The point is this: the women supported a solid preaching ministry.

Much of the untold misery and suffering which tormented the old world has been at least alleviated in great measure by the labours of the women of Christianity. Several of these kindly grateful souls here allude to evidently belonged to the wealthy class; some even occupied a high position in the society of that time. It was by their gifts, no doubt, that Jesus and his company was enabled to live during the 30 or more months of the public ministry. He had given up, as had also his companions his earthly occupation, and we know that he deliberately refrained from ever using his miraculous power to supply his daily wants.

In the contemporary Jewish culture of the time of Christ, as well as in many other cultures, the social status of woman was not anything remarkable, nay often it was rather degrading. In this background Christ’s own attitude and dealings with women are surprisingly different. These women disciples provide for His needs out of their own resources. This is an aspect that is not at all mentioned in regard to the men disciples.

A note on these women
Mary Magdalene: She was delivered from seven demons (Lk 8:2); was one of Jesus’ primary financial supporters; was among the women who courageously stood at the cross and was one to whom Jesus appeared after His resurrection (Mt 28:1, Mk 16:1, Jn 20: 11)

Joanna: He husband Herod’s steward, was the court official who looked after the king’s estate and financial interests. Such was the task of the steward. The very nature of his job shows that he had to be most-trusted official (Lk 24: 10)

Susanna: There is no other reference to Susanna. She represents the prominent disciple who is known by everyone but serves in a capacity that few ever notice. But note: she was such a devoted servant in giving, her name is known.

Many Others: These represent the unknown and quiet, but all-important, followers of the Lord. They serve completely in the background, never up front; therefore, they are totally unknown. But note: they are faithful and do serve consistently and faithfully.

They supported Jesus out of devotion. They were grateful for what He had done for them. Each of them had been reached and healed by Jesus. They had received a very special touch from Him and as a result they were helping to support them out of their means.

Jesus teaches a great lesson for all the menfolks who seldom respect women. Women have played a vital role in the life and mission of Jesus. His attitude towards women should be a model for all of us. Women are not objects to be used but persons to be respected and loved. In spite of growing awareness of gender justice there are several instances of harrasments and abuses. Let Jesus Chirst be our model, who recognized their absolute neccessity in his life and mission.


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