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1.      Seven sorrows of our Lady is also called the Seven Dolors of Our Lady, and seen as a n expansion of the five sorrowful mysteries.
·         Mary accepts in faith the prophecy of Simeon (Lk 2: 34-35)
·         Mary flees into Egypt with Jesus and Joseph (Mt 2: 13-14)
·         Mary seeks Jesus lost in Jerusalem (Lk 2: 43-45)
·         Mary meets Jesus on the way to Calvary (Lk 23: 26-27)
·         Mary stands near the cross of her Son (Jn 19: 25-27)
·         Mary receives the body of Jesus taken down from the cross (Mt 27: 57-59)
·         Mary places the body of Jesus in the tomb, awaiting the Resurrection (Jn 19: 40-42)

2.      In Central Europe there is feast known as Schmerzensfreitag. On this day popular devotions are held, and a special soup is served for dinner. The soup is made of seven bitter herbs (watercress, parsley, leek, nettle, sour clover, primrose, and spinach) and is called Siebenkrautersuppe.

3.      ‘Here is your son’ here is your mother’: In this revelatory formula, the one who speaks is revealing the mystery of the special salvific mission that the one referred to will undertake; thus the son ship and motherhood proclaimed from the cross are of value for God’s plan and are related to what is being accomplished in the elevation of Jesus on the cross.

4.      We cannot but reverentially admire the self forgetfulness of the crucified redeemer: We know that the Lord Jesus was exquisitely sensitive to suffering, Yet even amidst the aguish of body and of mind, which He was then enduring, the Saviour was able to turn away His thoughts from Himself to her who gave Him birth, who had often shared the honour and the trial of His ministry, and who had now, with notable fortitude and sympathy, come to witness his death.

5.      The Church Fathers like Athanasius, Ephiphanius and Hilary so interpreted the episode to prove Mary’s perpetual virginity: if she had other sons, Jesus would not have entrusted her to John son of Zebedee.

I still cherish my recent spiritual experience in Basilica of Blessed Mother in Shivaji Nagar. When I saw the Mothers crying loud to the Heavenly mother asking for several intentions, I was deeply moved. Almost all their intentions were for their children and their spouses. Since I was present very close to our Blessed Mother’s statue, they all asked me to pray for their intentions and they specified their intentions too. There were mothers who have lost their sons and daughters, there were mothers who suffered misunderstanding, there were mothers who cried due to their insecure situations, and there were mothers who cried for peace in the family. We might not understand their prayers but certainly our Lady will understand their pain. After all she underwent all these pains during her earthly life.  No wonder why so much people come and get healed because only those who were wounded know the need and necessity of healing. Let us all go to our Blessed Mother with little more faith and confidence, she will surely send us back with smiling faces.
Our Lady of Sorrow – Pray for us

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