Friday, August 12, 2011


1. Christ Having laid his blessing on marriage is blessing the fruits. The mothers were drawn to this holy man who elevated their dignity. They carried them in their arms and they were too young to understand the significance of Christ’ blessings. It was a custom that these infants are taken to the synagogues to receive the blessings from the Rabbis.

2. The child looks on the world with wondering and expectant eyes, and lives in glad trust. So Christ’s followers must live not in childishness, but in child like faith, dependant on the strong mercy of God.

3. The Children: They showed certain traits of character.

• Obedience: The children came at their mother’s bidding. Obedience to parents is the root of obedience to God.

• A perception of the attractiveness of Christ: Obedience would bring children with their mothers. But more was wanted to induce them to go up to Christ and permit him to take them in his arms. Pharisees were uncomfortable with children but the children were quite at home.

4. Disciples: The advent of these mothers with their children interrupted a discussion which was very interesting to them. But Christ preferred to turn from a subject which was not so interesting to him to the innocent simplicity of the children.

• We should remove all the hindrance that prevent children from approaching Christ

• All children need Christ’s blessing

• Very young children are old enough to receive His blessing.

5. The words of Jesus ‘forbid them not’ was used in the early Church to permit the baptism of the infants. The choice of a faith cannot be delayed until the child is of age, though unthinking parents sometimes make that strange assumption. A child’s mind will be shaped by the street corner gang or by any passerby if it is not shaped by godly parents.

It is very clear from the gospel that Jesus valued the little children and gave them their due. Unfortunately the name of the Church is being tarnished by the maniac Pedophilia. It is a clear fact that this crime is prevalent in families too. If Jesus scolds the disciples who prevented the little ones from Him, what would be his reaction to this unimaginable crime? What would be his pain when he sees the evils like abortion, female infanticide and other crimes against the innocent? As the disciples of the Lord, we ought to prevent the little ones from all the dangers and should take them safely to Christ to receive His blessings.


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