Sunday, December 12, 2010


1. A quick reading of this section is an eye-opener into the great tragedy and problem with self-righteousness and unbelief. Christ was forceful, very forceful in attacking self-righteousness and unbelief. He delivered a sustained attack. Leaving no doubt that a person who continues in self-righteousness, is unworthy of God’s kingdom.

2. Is John’s ministry from heaven or from men? The very same question is applicable to our day. The question forces confession or denial, and denial is totally absurd and ridiculous.

3. The Sanhedrin (chief priests. Elders and Scribes) were the leaders of the nation and the chief priests were the guardians and rulers of the temple. They wanted to know who gave Christ the right to do what He was doing. He was interfering with their management and had no right to interfere.

4. The Lord’s questioners immediately knew their predicament. If they replied that John’s ministry was of God, then Christ would ask them why they did not believe John’s testimony about the Messiah. If they replied that John’s ministry was from men, they would arouse the people against themselves, for the people believed strongly that John was a true prophet.

5. The unbelievers would not be convinced of the truth. It is not that they could not be convinced, but they would not. Such obstinate unbelief seldom, if ever, sees the truth of Christ. Even if Christ openly revealed the truth to them, they would reject.

The disciples of Christ need to be also prudent and shrewd. They should know what to talk, when to talk and where to talk. When people who are not in favour of you, enter into dialogue with you, the disciples should be very sharp in understanding their motive. Innocence is a virtue but not ignorance.


The Preacher’s Outline and the Sermon Bible

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