Wednesday, November 10, 2010


1. The Kingdom of God does not come with an outward, dramatic, thunderous show. It does not come in such a way that people say, “Here it is! Or there it is!” It comes with a silent, pervasive influence. It is coming and its coming will permeate the whole world, but its coming is to be silent, not showy.

2. The kingdom of God is within us and works in human hearts. It is to produce not new things, but new people. It is not a revolution in material things that we are to look for, but a revolution in the hearts of men and women.

3. The kingdom of God is among us. That would refer to Jesus himself. He was the very embodiment of the kingdom, and they did not recognize him. It was as if he said, ‘the whole offer and secret of God are here and you will not accept them.’

4. It is the closeness of His presence through the great trials and troubles of life that causes the believer to ache for heaven. God does infuse a deep desire for heaven into the heart of the genuine believer, and He does it often. Such a consciousness of God’s presence causes the genuine believer to long and ache for God’s presence all the time.

5. The day cannot come until some things happen first. This was, of course a reference to the Lord’s death. Before the kingdom of God could ever come to earth, He had to suffer and die. It was His death that would make it possible for His kingdom to come to earth.

We are living in God’s kingdom. Every kingdom is built at the cost of huge bloodshed. The kingdom of God is also is realized only when Jesus Christ the son of God shed his blood for the sake of all of us. But we do not get a default membership in this kingdom. Everyone who wants to be part of this kingdom should take an oath to live with heart and mind of Christ the King. Our King Jesus is the model and we become members when we try to imitate our King who manifested his power and glory in humility, service and love.

The Preacher’s Outline and Sermon Bible
William Barclay the New Daily Study Bible

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